Safeguarding Every Step: Comprehensive Oilfield Safety Solutions

Why Choose Us?

Shepherd Safety Systems is not just another safety service and protective equipment provider. We are the trailblazers, offering a combination of multigas sensors, wearable personal monitors, and advanced communication platforms. Whether you are on-site or off-site, our systems ensure that you have complete visibility into crew safety and emissions.

Furthermore, as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and turnkey service provider, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.

Shepherd maintains an inventory of rental equipment that can be quickly mobilized to detect a wide range of gasses, including CH4, CO2, H2S, LEL, CO, SO2, and O2.

Owners in the oil industry who partner with Shepherd to improve safety and reduce greenhouse gas emissions have documented less downtime from false alarms, faster response to incidents, and better ESG scores

Advanced technology and 24 / 7 monitoring to protect what matters most

At Shepherd Safety Systems, we have a paramount commitment to safety and to protecting what matters most to you: worker safety and the environment. With operations across the U.S., we bleed oil & gas and specialize in the design, manufacturing, and rental of cutting-edge technology that promptly detects gas emissions.

Our integrated systems connect remote field operations with office locations in real time, ensuring the safety of on-field workers and actively reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Catering to more than 30 U.S. onshore operators, our comprehensive safety package solution is making strides not only in the oil and gas industry but also in other industries where monitoring and curbing toxic and greenhouse gas emissions are crucial.

Our solutions resonate with those who have a commitment to safety and understand the importance of integrating technology with safety practices for better results.

Our oilfield safety services

We offer a wide range of services, including

  • 24×7 Overwatch: Constant monitoring to ensure job site safety of all personnel.
  • Rig Up/Rig Down: Efficient setting up and dismantling of equipment.
  • Rapid Response: Immediate action during emergencies.
  • Proactive Threshold Alerts & Alarms: Timely notifications to prevent incidents.
  • Maintenance and Calibration: Regular upkeep for peak performance.
  • Safety Training: Empowering teams with knowledge for safety.

Toxic Gas Sensors

The Toxic Gas Sensors are name-specific location sensors for pinpoint accuracy using electrochemical detection and proprietary Shepherd NDIR technology.


DigitalSafety Hub

The DigitalSafety Hub™ is a communications, command, and control platform. The Hubs receive and send data and commands via satellite, cellular LTE, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet between field locations and Shepherd or client remote operations centers.

Wearable Monitor

The Wearable Personal Monitors feature two-way connectivity, multi-gas detection, and GPS location. It empowers field crews to quickly respond to prevent toxic gas incidents, injuries and fatalities while ensuring regulatory compliance.                                     

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