Shepherd Safety Systems Introduces Groundbreaking Methane Detection Technology

Intrinsically Safe Continuous Monitoring Solution for Methane Emissions


MIDLAND, Texas – Shepherd Safety Systems (“Shepherd”), a trailblazing thought and technology leader in the oilfield safety and emissions sector, proudly announces the launch of its Intrinsically Safe Continuous Monitoring solution for methane emissions. This unparalleled technology solution is set to redefine how oil and gas operators detect and manage methane leaks.

“In the Oil & Gas (O&G) industry, methane emissions represent a significant challenge,both for safety and environmental reasons,” said Shepherd’s CEO Seth Long. “Ours tate-of-the-art methane detection technology, combined with our deep-rooted industry knowledge and unmatched turnkey service offering, provides a refreshing perspective on how the industry can tackle our most pressing challenges.”

Direct Source Monitoring: Unlike traditional methane detection systems that require distance from leak sources, Shepherd’s innovative product is the only Class I Div 1 certified device in the United States that can be positioned directly at common leak sources. This cutting-edge design can be positioned from atop vessels to any location within the fence line which ensures unparalleled accuracy and real-time alerts. Intricate Design and Superior Functionality: Beyond mere proximity, the sensor’s intricate design guarantees pinpoint accuracy, delivering detailed component-level data vital for timely corrective actions.

Always Connected: Recognizing the need for constant data flow in today’s interconnected world, the sensors are equipped with redundant communication systems – cell, satellite, and wifi. This ensures continuous connectivity and can seamlessly integrate into partners’ SCADA systems.

Full Partnership Benefits: Unlike most other methane detection companies, Shepherd Safety offers methane monitoring as a service. Our services don’t stop when the devices are installed. Not only are we continuously monitoring on behalf of our O&G
partners, we are constantly improving our technology and passing those improvements
on to our customers.

About Shepherd Safety Systems: Based in Midland, Texas, with additional operations in Houston, Barstow, and Pleasanton, Texas, Shepherd Safety Systems was founded in the heart of the oil fields. The company stands unique in its deep-rooted understanding of the O&G industry, its challenges, and its language. Committed to evolving and improving, Shepherd Safety Systems offers a turnkey solution – from design and manufacture to installation, monitoring, response, and updates.

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